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The hotel which has not yet been

Attract the visitors to the hotel can be in many different ways: through loyalty programs, attractive prices, high quality service, and good location. There are many different reasons why customers choose this and not another hotel. Another way to gain popularity amongst tourists is to create unique, unusual, and sometimes slightly bizarre hotel. Here is a list of hotels that surprise their guests.

The hotel, which is not allowed to lick

On the salt desert in Bolivia can be find a very unusual hotel because it is built of ... salt. All the structural elements of the building, and part of the interior design were built because of this material. On the walls of the hotel you can find information “Guests are kindly requested to not licking the walls”. Tayka de Sal hotel was awarded three stars, and per night in it you have to pay 270 zł for a single room.

The deepest hotel in the world


Sala Silvermine Hotel is a hotel in the basement of the old silver mine, located 120 km by Stockholm. Guests can enjoy a traditional hotel on the ground or slide down under ground to a depth of 155 meters. In the bowels of the earth is a constant, independent of the time of year the temperature 2 ° C, the only one in the apartment can be spend the night at 18 ° C. Guests have two dining rooms. To communicate with the world used the intercom, because any mobile network is not coverage there. Guests can take advantage of the attractions which is diving in a flooded underground mine shafts. The night in this hotel costs 1,900 zł.

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