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Accommodation booked in a few minutes


Formerly to book a hotel had to call or send e-mails, which especially in a situation where, one of the parties does not speak English often much hampered. Nowadays this is no longer a problem, due to a possibility of booking hotels online. The great advantage of this method is also true that about the success booking, we are informed almost immediately, without ringing the hotel know are there places available in it and we have the opportunity to take advantage of the many promotions and discounts. Below portals, most commonly used by tourists, and hence, they offer the broadest portfolio of properties.
 - service was established in 1996 in Amsterdam. has 900 000 contracts with hotels around the world. per day available is 900 000 beds.




TripAdvisor – is a service, which was to be the guide for travelers, where people who were already in the location advised what to see, evaluated accommodation, and restaurants. Currently, there can also book a hotel room, flight and take advantage of numerous discounts. On TripAdvisor you can also compare the prices available on,, and several other Web services for hotel reservations.
 - another portal for booking hotel page contains a list of about 325 000 hotels worldwide.

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